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Leeds, Cliff Oaks Listed Manor House

The appearance of the house follows Georgian architectural trends. The building has a symmetrical appearance from the front elevation with a centrally positioned doorway with two windows at either side. The building is impressive and had been previously restored and converted to flats following a period of dereliction. However, in March 2017 it was completely destroyed (aside from the external walls) by a major fire. Prior to this, it has an original sweeping staircase, mosaic floors, glazed dome and slate mansard roof.

The property stands in an elevated position which overlooks the valley beyond. Cliff House was constructed as a family house in 1843. From the 1930s the building was occupied by the Local Authority as a boarding school for special needs children. This use ceased in the 1990s, and the building and land were sold in the early 2000s, and the restoration of the house commenced in 2006.

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unit 5, killingbeck court,
Leeds, LS14 6FD

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